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Events and events are increasingly taken over by companies independently, whether to attract customers or employees and to introduce new products. It is not unusual for you to be entrusted with the task of organizing the event as an assistant. So that you do not lose track of the planning of the event, we have put together a checklist for you, with which you will succeed every event!

To schedule an event:

1. Define the purpose of the event: What do you and your company want to achieve?

2. Decide on the type of event: There are many types of events. Depending on the defined purpose, you should opt for a show, exhibition, conference or similar.

3. Create a rough concept, which serves as the basis for the planning and execution of the event.

4. Start with the calculation, so that your event is not too expensive and harms your company more than good. Prepare a budget plan as well.

5. Seek Volunteers to Save Costs.

6. Find out if you need to pay royalties like GEMA.

7. Create a project plan so that you do not have to worry about time.

8. Decide on a suitable time: Pay attention also to holiday periods, holidays and counter-events.

9. Choose the right location: Visit different rooms and get an overview so you do not fall into the trap of large or even too small rooms. Pay attention also to the logistics: Are there enough parking spaces and what about accessibility?
10. Create a Seating Plan: How to arrange the tables so that the room does not look too empty or full, for example, and offers enough space for a buffet or something similar.
11. Take care of the food at an early stage, as having a good meal is always part of a successful event. Do not forget vegetarian dishes!
12. Invite your guests: Depending on the target group, this can mean a telephone, postal or digital invitation.

13. Inform the press about the event and also target social media.

14. Make sure the event is documented and organize a (professional) photographer.
15. Create a schedule with time and place information to keep track of the event.
16. Prepare a contact list: Something can always go wrong on the day of the event. So you can reach catering, speakers, flower service and other contacts immediately, you should note in advance all phone numbers and addresses and have at hand.

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