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6 easy steps for your successful event

The event industry is huge – conference, tradeshow, meeting, fundraisers, sporting event, food fests, festivals, fairs, brand promotions, you name it – and yet event organizers are poorly served when it comes to software tools that actually do what they need them to do.

Our platform changes all that, by integrating tools for event logistics and collaboration into an affordable complete solution. Customers love our approach and have been helping to shape the product from the beginning.

We’re building the platform event organizers have been asking for – one that truly frees them to create kickass events and even greater event experiences!

Events Anywhere offer 6 easy steps to manage the successful event

1) Set up an event :

Create and set up your event in minutes to handle online registration for your attendees and exhibitors.

2) Manage tickets

Create custom ticket types and customize tickets by name, price, and field for free or paid event

3) Manage services and session

Set up value-added services for your attendees and exhibitors for your event and set up sessions allocate date, time and room number.

4) Manage event

Customize email template, manage promo code, be-social feature, customize badge categories, import prospective attendees.

5) Event monitoring

Managing walk-in registration, print badges, view & export registered attendees and review collection.

6) Send Invitation to attendee

Register all participants, from attendees to VIPs, in one place, Accept payments in minutes, take payments from competitors, vendors, VIPs, and more… Awesome built-in budgeting tools help you stay on target and control your spend.

7) Event App

Avoid paying for expensive and hard to maintain “event apps”. Events Anywhere automatically creates a brandable, cross-platform event portal so you can share important event details, event schedules, organizer contact info, key locations,  Import export leads, send a reminder email to attendees, upload event agendas, event sponsors, badge entry check at the entry point for attendees, and much more.

Also, Attendee can use Events Anywhere as event app. Events Anywhere app carry passes for events, no need to carry a physical copy of tickets, the attendee can view event agendas, session, sponsors list, connect with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn gets the latest update on the event.

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EventsAnywhere is a cloud technology (SaaS) based one-stop innovative Web and mobile platform for events management automation. EventsAnywhere is built to solve these problems by offering intuitive design and a process that is easy to understand and follow for event organizers.

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